3 Best places to go in Beijing

Beijing, as the capital of China, has a long history and profound cultural heritage. Here, you can see the vicissitudes of Chinese history, feel the depth of culture, and enjoy the beautiful gardens and classical buildings. This article will introduce to readers 3 places to travel to Beijing: Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Beihai Park, and Tiantan Park, in order to allow everyone to enjoy Beijing’s scenery.

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2. Forbidden City in Beijing: Witness Chinese history

The Forbidden City of Beijing is one of the largest ancient building groups in China. It has a long history and is the essence of ancient Chinese palaces. After the expansion and repair of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Palace Museum is the epitome of ancient civilization and a symbol of Chinese civilization. The architectural structure of the Forbidden City is complex, the appearance is magnificent, and the internal is fine. It is a masterpiece of ancient Chinese architectural art.

The Forbidden City of Beijing has witnessed many major events in Chinese history. From the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, from the founding of the People’s Republic of China to the reform and opening up, it has rich historical records. The long -established Forbidden City is a testimony of the historical development and changes in China, and it is also a valuable wealth of the development of ancient civilization.

The Forbidden City of Beijing is not only a treasure trove of historical culture, but also a treasure trove of art. There are many ancient art treasures in the Forbidden City, including many artworks such as ceramics, calligraphy, calligraphy, stone carvings, and woodcarving, which fully demonstrates the characteristics of ancient Chinese culture. They are not only masterpieces of ancient art, but also the testimony of history, which is of great significance to understand Chinese history.

3. Summer Palace: Visit Beautiful Garden

The Summer Palace is an amazing garden, located in the northwest of Beijing, China, and is a famous royal garden. Its history can be traced back to the 3rd century BC. It is a courtyard that integrates natural scenery, architectural monuments, and art and culture.

The Summer Palace is famous for its unique architectural style. Its architectural style is a mixed architectural style. It perfectly integrates traditional Chinese architectural art, Western architectural art and modern architectural art. Architectural style.

The landscape of the Summer Palace is incredible. It has many gardens, corridors, bridges, buildings, trees, etc., allowing tourists to stroll in it and feel the beauty of the garden. In addition, the Summer Palace also has many cultural attractions, such as the Qingming Shanghe Tu, Tai Chi Tu, etc., allowing tourists to understand the traditional Chinese culture in depth.

4. Beihai Park: Appreciate classical architecture

Beihai Park is an ancient and peaceful garden located in the center of Beijing. History can be traced back to the Yuan Dynasty. There are many exquisite classical buildings here, which shows Beijing’s historical monuments.

Beihai Park has many ancient and exquisite classical buildings. The most famous of which is Nantianmen in West Lake Bay. It is one of the most beautiful ancient buildings in Beijing. Its appearance is very spectacular. In addition, there are many exquisite Buddhist buildings in Beihai Park, such as the bell tower, Buddha statue, stone monument, etc., which are full of ancient and peaceful atmosphere.

In Beihai Park, tourists can enjoy fresh air, lake views, classical architecture and traditional culture. Tourists can also enjoy the traditional Chinese garden art and ancient cultural heritage. In addition, tourists can also go to the restaurants and teahouses in the garden to taste local cuisine and make the game more interesting.

5. Tiantan Park: Fusion of Chinese and Western Culture

Tiantan Park is a historical and cultural victory in the center of Beijing. It has a long history and was built during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty. It was a place for the ancient Chinese royal family to worship the world. There are many ancient buildings, such as the four major palaces of the Qing Dynasty, the Prayer of the Year of the Palace, the Guozijian, and the Observatory, which show the wonderfulness of the integration of Chinese and Western culture.

There is also a unique landscape in the Temple of Tiantan Park -Tiantan Clock Tower. This is a building built in the Qing Dynasty. It has a beautiful form. It has an octagonal and twelve pillars. It is a building that integrates Chinese and Western culture and a symbol of Chinese history and culture.

In addition, there is also a garden called “International Cultural Park”, which is the best interpretation of the integration of Chinese and Western culture. There are Chinese classical gardens and western gardens, as well as various plants, so that tourists can also experience the differences in Chinese and Western culture while enjoying the beauty.

6 Conclusion

The three most recommended places to travel to Beijing are Beijing Forbidden City, Summer Palace, and Beihai Park. They integrate traditional Chinese culture and modern western culture, which is amazing. These places not only have a long history and culture, but also have beautiful garden scenery and classical buildings. They can allow tourists to be in the cultural atmosphere of ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, feel the historical sedimentation of China, and make people linger.

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